BRC - Replication failed due to ACL error

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 31st, 2023

Problem: The user received the following error when a replication job failed to start:

Error - Errors occurred saving ACLs. Errors occurred preparing the client machine for impending backup. Errors occurred during task execution.

Cause: This error is related to the way the appliance handled login credentials.


The user will need to upgrade to AxOS 6.5.5. In AxOS 6.5.5, this issue has been entirely resolved.

The user can confirm the AxOS version of the appliance in the Account at a Glance section of the Service Details page:

Account at a Glance section

There are two ways the user can upgrade the AxOS on the Axcient appliance:

Solution 1: Enable auto upgrade

The user is able to enable the Auto-Upgrade feature in the Axcient Web Application. This will allow the user to configure when the AxOS of the Axcient appliance will be automatically upgraded. To enable and configure the Auto-Upgrade feature, do the following:

  1. Log in to the Axcient Web Application.
  2. Click the Services tab in the top-navigation menu.
  3. In the Services page, click the target Service.
  4. In the Service Details page, click the Configure Service button.
  5. Scroll down to the Software Updates section and click the Edit button. Configure the following:
    1. Set the Update Automatically field to Enabled.
    2. In the Schedule Auto-Updates field, select the desired auto update option:
      • Run as soon as an update becomes available – The appliance will automatically update once it is free to do so (no replication or restore jobs running).
      • Run at a target time – Configure a specific date and time for the appliance to auto-update.
    3. Click Save to commit the changes. 

The appliance will auto-update as per the configured settings.

Software Updates section

 Solution 2. Contact Axcient support

The user will need to contact Axcient Support if the user ran in to complications, was unable to manually upgrade the appliance or would otherwise like an Axcient Support member to help upgrade the Axcient appliance.