BRC - Replication jobs and Test VMs fail due to VT-x with EPT not enabled

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 31st, 2023

Problem: Replication jobs are not completing successfully and Test VMs are not deploying.

Cause: VTx with EPT is not enabled on the hardware’s processor. 

This is required for replication jobs to complete successfully and for Test VMs to be deployed.

The user can confirm whether VTx with EPT is enabled by referring to the Version Information section of the UMC Dashboard.

Below is an example:


Solution: Some servers do not have VTx with EPT enabled by default. You will need to enable VTx with EPT on your hardware’s processor.

Each server hardware is different in terms of the process of enabling VTx with EPT. Some servers may have VTx capability but no EPT. In order for the vApp to operate properly VTx and EPT must be enabled. The typical steps are as follows (for processors that support both VTx and EPT):

  1. Boot into the BIOS of the Virtual Host.
  2. Navigate to the CPU Options menu (or something similar) and enable Virtualization.
  3. You will likely have to power down and restart the Virtual Host.
  4. Note that in many cases the user may need to update the BIOS on the Virtual Host to the latest versions for the Virtualization settings to register.

The above are general steps, as the actual steps may differ between different types of hardware and BIOS versions. The user may need to consult the documentation for the specific configuration to enable VTx with EPT.