BRC - How to create data exclusions

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 31st, 2023

Creating data exclusions is not required, but can help improve replication job times by limiting the replication only to critical and relevant data.

Additionally, this will help free up space for only the replicated data that will need to be recovered in the event of emergency.

  • To exclude files from a replication job, navigate to the Device Details page of the target device in the Web Application, and click the Exclusions link.
  • Note: By default, the Exclusions screen will use the $ symbol, instead of the : symbol. These symbols are interchangeable and either can be used when creating exclusion and inclusion rules. In this document, the : symbol is used.
  • Press the Save Exclusions button after all required exclusion configurations have been made.


Exclusion Screen

To exclude files:

Axcient recommends excluding the following files if they are deemed as unnecessary. 

  .bak files (redundant backups)
  Virus definitions
  Encrypted data

This may be accomplished by editing the backup job, navigating to “advanced options” and excluding these specific files.

  • To only exclude a specific file from a drive and folder being backed up, enter the drive letter, along with the target folder and the specific file in the following format in the Exclusions section:
    <Drive Letter>:/<Folder Name>/<File Name>Example: C:/Desktop/Old_Image.png 
  • To include a specific file from an excluded folder, enter the drive letter along with the target folder, and the specific file in the following format in the Inclusions section:
    <Drive Letter>:/<Folder Name>/<File Name>Example: C:/Documents/Test_File.docx

To exclude drives: 

  • To exclude an entire drive, enter the drive letter in the following format in the Exclusions section:
    <Drive Letter>:/Example: E:/
  • To include a drive, no additional step is necessary. All drives are included in the replication job as long as no Exclusion rule is set in the Exclusion section.

To exclude folders:

  • To exclude a folder from a drive that is being backed up, enter the drive letter and target folder in the following format in the Exclusions section:
    <Drive Letter>:/<Folder Name>Example: C:/Documents
  • To include a folder from an excluded drive, enter the drive letter along and target folder in the following format in the Inclusions Section:
    <Drive Letter>:/<Folder Name>Example: E:/Music