How can I use my own server name? - Backup for Files

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 30th, 2021


The backup manager software installed on customers computers will need to connect to our backup server to upload the data. Normally this server is identified in the software by the hostname

However, it is easy to change this to use your own server hostname (such as To do this requires that you add a new CNAME record to your DNS zone for your domain name ( The exact details on how to do this vary according to your DNS provider.

NOTE: This is not the same thing as the web portal URL. The branded server hostname cannot be the same as the branded web portal URL. You cannot use a CNAME to rebrand the web portal URL -- please see our other KB article about this. Please contact us with any questions you may have.


The purpose of the CNAME record is to create an alias such that (or whatever you choose) is another name for the hostname (Note: This is different from, which hosts the web portal. You cannot use a CNAME when rebranding the web portal URL. Please see the other KB article about this. ) An example CNAME entry would look like: IN CNAME

Please contact us if you need assistance creating a CNAME record. Once you have created the CNAME record, you may include it on your branding worksheet or contact us with the information.

Note that the hostname you choose here must be different from the location of the web page used to hide the web portal URL. For example, if you chose to use as the location where you host the web page to hide the web portal URL, then you could not use as the source of the CNAME entry (you could use something like or instead).