Automatic unlimited shadow copy storage

X360Recover – Automatic Shadow Storage Remediation

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 4th, 2022


The single largest cause of failing backups is Window's failure to capture a Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) snapshot of the system to be backed up.


Many of these VSS snapshot failures occur due to a lack of available storage space.

Agent 2.34 has been enhanced to dynamically manage VSS storage settings during backups, specifically to remediate these backup failures.

  • By default, the available Volume Shadow Copy storage space on each protected volume is now set to unlimited within agent 2.34 and newer.

Protected systems which were previously failing to successfully start (or complete) a backup because of  limited VSS storage space should now complete successfully.

What impact will this have on my protected system?

  • Some additional free space on your protected system disk volumes may be consumed by VSS storage.
  • The extra storage use may be significant if multiple backup agents are deployed (or if Windows VSS snapshots are configured to run on a schedule)
  • Windows should automatically remove the oldest snapshot when remaining disk space becomes low. However, it is possible to run out of disk space due to VSS consumption.

What can I do if this update causes problems on my protected system?

Problems may arise if your disk volumes have insufficient remaining free space for VSS. (This issue with lack of VSS space is nothing new. In fact, we're making this change in an attempt to automatically remediate these kinds of backup failures.)

If your protected system has insufficient free space to allow for the newly-updated unlimited VSS storage, you may opt for the following remedies:

Free up disk space

  • Delete or relocate files, or otherwise free up disk space on the affected volumes

Relocating or deleting files, expanding a partition or virtual hard disk, or otherwise creating more free space on the affected volume is a good method of resolving VSS issues. (Eventually, your users will need you to resolve these kinds of space issues, with or without VSS being involved.)

Re-target the location of VSS storage 

1.On the protected system, ensure that no backup is running, and then stop the Replibit agent service.

2. Create a new volume or use an existing volume

  1. that is excluded from being backed up
  2. will not include system or production data 
  3. will provide sufficient space for a full shadow copy.

3. Change the shadow copy target from the current volume to the desired volume.

4. Open a cmd prompt by right clicking and choose Run as administrator.

5. Use the following command:
ssadmin Resize ShadowStorage /For=(source volume) /On=(target volume)

vssadmin Resize ShadowStorage /For=C: /On=Y:
6. Restart the Replibit service. 

Disable the x360Recover agent shadow storage remediation

Disable this feature in the x360Recover agent configuration file to revert to the previous agent behavior.

1. On the protected system, stop the Replibit agent service.

2. Open notepad as administrator and then open the aristos.cfg file in the Replibit directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Replibit

3. Add the following to the bottom of the list: 


4. Save the changes and close notepad

5.  Restart the Replibit agent service


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