Deploy a silent agent for D2C - x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 24th, 2021

     Agent for x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C)

 Release Date:

     February 2021

The Direct-to-Cloud agent can now be silently deployed through RMM or other tools.   

The latest agent installer has been packaged as a standard Windows Installer .MSI package. 

Download the installer file 

You can download the Direct-to-Cloud installer package from the Users page located on the vault. The installer provides a specially-named file intended for download. The installer file name contains an identity token, defining which client this agent will register. This file name should not be changed.

Note: This download file can be used for 14 days and then another new file can be downloaded, whenever needed.

Example installer file name:


Configure custom properties 

In order to perform an automated installation, custom properties must be set when calling the Windows Installer in order to configure the agent settings. 

To perform a silent installation of the x360Recover agent, use MSIEXEC as follows: 

msiexec /i <installer file name> /quiet

Optional parameters include: 

  • BACKUP_VOLUMES=<Drv>,<Drv>...
  • PASSWORD=<encryption passphrase>

Note: The SERVER parameter is not used.

EXAMPLE:  [Brackets] indicate optional commands

msiexec /i <installer file name> /quiet [BACKUP_VOLUMES=<DRV>,<DRV>…] [PASSWORD=<encryption password>]

Looks like:

msiexec /i agentSetup-dataprotection-acme123-1150ba6723.msi /quiet BACKUP_VOLUMES=C,D,E PASSWORD=password123

  • See x360Recover Best Practices for guidelines, and recommendations when deploying agents.

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