1b. Configure client-specific access to Manager

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 17th, 2022

Give your customers access to view their own backups

You can set configurations in the Recover Manager (RMC) so each of your customers will only see their own specific backups, replications or Virtual Office settings. 

Then, when your customers remote to their vaults or appliances, their access will be limited to their own protected systems logs, settings and data.

x360Recover supports a lockdown mode, which enforces multi-factor authentication for all devices

  • Lockdown mode disables local logins (and local user access) to appliances and vaults.

If lockdown mode is enabled:

  • Your customer must access their appliances from Manager (RMC).
  • Client users have no access to their vault in lockdown mode, so vault recovery options are limited to the following:
    • Use Virtual Office to virtualize endpoints in the cloud from Manager (RMC)
    • Use Recovery Center (with their client credentials) to perform local file and folder, virtual disk, or local Hyper-V virtualization

If lockdown mode is not enabled, your customer can (a) access their appliances from Manager (RMC) or (b) access their appliances or vaults directly, using the LP credentials 

  • The vault UI accesses directly via the URL. 
  • The appliance UI can be accessed from within the client's local network via a browser and the IP of the appliance.        

 Read more about lockdown mode

Set up access for your appliance-based customer

1. When you set up your appliance-based client/user in the license portal,  their user password is automatically created in the RMC. 

2. For the client to access their appliance, you must first manually add that Username and Password to the BDR/appliance under System Settings/Manage Users. 

Once you have added that password, your customer can remote to the appliance. 

Set up access for your Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) customer from the vault

When one of your D2C customers is set up from the vault, you must go to the license portal and add the password for that client/user. 

Within a few minutes, the license portal will sync with the RMC.

Your customer can then log into the RMC via my.axcient.net. (They will be prompted to  create their MFA.)

Virtual Office access

  • Using Manager (RMC), your customer can start and run a Virtual Office production VM.
  •  On the vault, your customer can export files/folders and VHD file types.  

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