Axcient x360 Technical Best Practices Newsletter - Nov 2023

November 2023

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at November 7th, 2023


Technical Best Practices Newsletter
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New! x360Recover licensing tools


Check out the new approach

As of October 24, 2023, we've retired the legacy license portal and expanded the capabilities of x360Recover Manager.

Now you can consolidate your x360Recover tasks, including managing your x360Recover licenses, from within x360Recover Manager.

With the additional new tools in x360Recover Manager, you can

          Review more details on the legacy license portal retirement


Powerful x360Recover report


Client Executive Summary report shows more details

There's a new report on your x360Recover dashboard. It's designed to provide more insight for you and your clients, including

  • Executive level statistics on the number of protected systems, estimated RTO, and backed up data totals
  • Tech-level views show you critical daily info, such as backup health history for a defined period of time, AutoVerify results and the latest BootVM screen shot

How to generate a new Client Executive Summary report

Linux Agent 3.4.0 for x360Recover

No charge for Redhat and CentOS distros until a future announced date

We've just released Linux agent 3.4.0 for x360Recover - and if you install it to support a Redhat/CentOS distro, you won't be charged for it until a future announced date. (We are only charging for Ubuntu and Debian distros at the moment.) Watch for more details on the latest Linux developments.

What else is supported in Linux Agent 3.4.0 for x360Recover?

  • XFS file systems
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 and 8 (including CentOS, Rocky, Alma, Oracle)
  • Linux Kernel 6.0, 6.1 and 6.2
  • Ubuntu-based variant ElementaryOS
  • LVM Partitions (native)

The latest news on Linux protected x360Recover systems

Coming soon: Retention policies for x360Recover vaults and appliances 


You will soon be able to define policies that can be easily applied to protected systems
while in the vault or appliance. (This will reduce the extra effort of drilling down 
into each protected system, make setting up each protected system easier and lower the chances for making errors.) Plus - you'll also have the ability to set a default retention policy. 


Watch for these new vault/appliance capabilities in the 12.5.0 release.


VSS troubleshooting for x360Recover


"What does that VSS error mean?!?"

x360Recover uses the 'volume shadow copy' (VSS) technology built in to Windows to safely perform backups of open files.

When a x360Recover backup fails, the problem is almost always caused by the failure of the Microsoft VSS provider or one of the application-specific VSS writers.

Take a look at our new alphabetical table of assorted VSS error codes. It has suggestions on the potential causes of the error, possible fixes and ways to prevent the error in the future.

VSS error codes - x360Recover

Reminder: MFA required for direct logins
Your clients who login directly will need MFA after Nov 15, 2023

Starting on November 15, 2023, everyone who logs into x360Recover directly will need MFA credentials.

Watch for a reminder in-app.

How to configure MFA in the x360Portal

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Upcoming AXCIENT Events 2023
  • Thursday, November 9 at 12 PM CT 

30 minute demo on how to effortlessly back up and restore services, files, folders, and document libraries in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. All LIVE attendees will be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card.



  • Thursday, November 16 at 12 PM CT 

MSP Rountable: How do you pick a solution that can meet your traditional on-premise needs while still accommodating clients for cloud-based backup and public cloud-based workloads? Find out how, with enough flexibility and agility, we can turn your BCDR services into a profit center.



  • Tuesday, November 21 at 12 PM CT 

This x360Recover demo will highlight Virtual Office (to self-manage disaster recovery and DR testing)and Local Cache (to accelerate recovery and failback times with an inexpensive USB or NAS device.)



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