Smart Recovery: Perform a bare metal restore


Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 22nd, 2022

Bare Metal Restore utility 

The x360Recover Bare Metal restore utility natively supports recovering your protected systems using Smart Recovery.

To get started with a bare metal restore using Smart Recovery, download the Bare Metal Restore ISO here and burn it to a DVD or USB stick.  For help creating a USB stick, refer to this article.

Steps to perform a bare metal restore using Smart Recovery

STEP 1. Once you’ve booted your protected system (physical or virtual) from the Recovery ISO, launch the Recovery Wizard from the desktop shortcut or application menu: 


STEP 2. On the first page, choose Recover from Local Appliance or Vault and click Next.

NOTE: Performing BMR from a vault requires local iSCSI connection to the BMR wizard. This is not available for Axcient-hosted vaults.


STEP 3. Enter the FQDN or IP address of the appliance or vault, Username, and Password and click Next.


STEP 4. Select a protected system and a range of snapshots to restore and click Next.


STEP 5. Select a specific snapshot to recover, then check Use SmartRecovery. 

Click Next to continue.


STEP 6. Wait for the iSCSI target creation to complete and then click Next to continue.


STEP 7. Map each recovery disk (and its associated volumes) to a physical restoration target disk and click Next. 


NOTE: Linux device names are different from Windows and occur in the form ‘/dev/<device>

Typical device names:

  • sdX for sata/scsi disks
  • hdX for IDE disks
  • vdX for virtIO disks

For example, you might choose to map Windows Disk0 to Linux disk /dev/sda (the first disk in the system) and Disk1 to /dev/sdb, and so on.

STEP 8. The disk copy operation will now commence. 

Wait for all disks and volumes to be copied.  


When all processes are done, click Finish to complete and exit the Recovery Wizard.



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