How to enable Auto Pay

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 31st, 2021

Our Auto Pay feature gives you peace of mind when working with your Axcient invoices. Just enable Auto Pay, and you can "set it and forget it", saving time and hassle.

Note: If you have made a payment previously but did not enable Auto Pay at that time, please review the following instructions and then proceed from Step 4. (Your credit card information has already been entered during your previous payment, so Steps 1 through 3 are not necessary for you.) 

Step 1:  If you have not previously made a payment using a credit card, click the Make a Payment tab under Billing.


Step 2: The payment screen will open, displaying all of your open invoices and the amount due.

Check the Apply box and make sure the desired payment amount matches the invoice amount.


Step 3:  Scroll down the payment screen and select Credit Card.

Add the credit card information to the account.

Check the boxes for Save this Card and Make Default.


Step 4:  Once an initial payment has been made and you have checked the boxes to enable saving and default settings, click Enable Auto Pay under the Auto Pay Settings.


Step 5: 

  • On the Auto Pay Settings screen, confirm that the last four digits of the card listed match the information you entered in step 3.
  • Check the box to enable auto pay.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to save your choices by clicking the blue Save button.