System ID and Remote Assist overview - x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 16th, 2021

What is a x360Recover System ID?

Every x360Recover appliance, vault or GMP has a “System ID” that will allow our Support team to uniquely identify the device and look up key telemetry about it. 

Please include the x360Recover System ID in every new ticket you submit.

You can find the x360Recover System ID in two locations:

1. In the lower left corner of the appliance or vault, just below the version number:

2. In the first column of the Managed Devices page on the Management Portal. 

Login to the Management Portal and select Managed Devices from the top menu.

How does my x360Recover System ID affect Remote Assist?

Remote Assist is a secure access feature introduced with x360Recover 6.0.0. which allows you to provide our Support and Engineering teams with remote access to one or more of your BDR devices in the event that you need troubleshooting assistance.  

Remote Assist is a secure-key management system that enables certificate-based ssh connections to your managed devices by leveraging their secure tunnel communications with the Management Portal.  The initial deployment of Remote Assist required that our Support engineer know both the FQDN of the management portal and the custom port being used by the device they needed to connect with.

The x360Recover System ID is a new feature introduced in x360Recover 8.2.0. 

The x360Recover System ID is a shortened unique identifier assigned to each x360Recover device, designed to make it easier for our Support and Development team members to identify and access your devices via Remote Assist. 

A System ID is now the only piece of information our support team needs to uniquely identify and connect to your device, (provided Remote Assist is enabled on both the Management Portal and the affected device.) 

When opening a ticket with support, or when an existing ticket is escalated to engineering or development, you may now be asked to provide the System ID of the affected device.


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