Scale-Out Cloud with instant cloud recovery


Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 29th, 2021

Scale-out Cloud 

The Axcient Scale-Out Cloud is a paradigm shift in our cloud storage architecture.  

Previously, each vault in the Axcient Cloud was allocated a dedicated storage pool, restricting it to storing a limited number of endpoints and data (TB). Many partners would find themselves managing multiple vaults as their customer base grew, including the headache of migrating data between vaults to balance storage capacity. Replication performance was inconsistent and, in some cases, unacceptably slow due to the underlying architecture of the storage layer.

Scale-out Cloud delivers an entirely new and improved experience. All vaults configured to operate using Scale-Out Cloud distribute data evenly across the entire storage network transparently.  New partners will receive a single cloud vault that can accommodate an unlimited amount of data and endpoints.  Existing partner vaults will be converted to Scale-Out Cloud, and eventually the endpoints distributed onto multiple existing vaults will be consolidated down to a single vault instance.

Data for protected systems sent to the Scale-Out Cloud is delivered directly to the storage network and dynamically distributed across our entire cloud. 

The new storage architecture has been implemented to provide consistent and highly performant replication speeds. (In our benchmark tests, replication speeds over the Internet from a single appliance have exceeded 1 Gbit/sec.)

  • Deployment and conversion of existing vaults to Scale-out Cloud is underway now (August 2019) with a completion goal set for the end of 2019.
  • Newly created vaults within US regions will be provisioned as native Scale-Out Cloud vaults beginning in late August.
  • Scale-out vaults for Canada and European regions are coming later in 2019.

Conversion of existing cloud vaults on a one-for-one basis will be completed with minimal downtime and with no anticipated involvement required from partners.  Conversion and migration of cloud data will proceed throughout the remainder of 2019.

Partners will be notified individually with more information about the progress of their conversion once they are scheduled to start.

Instant Cloud Recovery

One of the benefits of Scale-Out Cloud is the ability to provide near-instant cloud recovery. 

Once conversion and data migration to the new storage architecture is completed for a given partner, recovery of protected systems into the Axcient Continuity Cloud can be performed using iSCSI export of the disk images.

To perform cloud recovery:

  • Request access to the Continuity Cloud by opening a critical ticket with the Axcient Support team.
  • An Axcient Continuity Cloud node will be provisioned through Support (This has a 1-hour SLA).
  • Export any snapshot on the cloud vault via ISCSI
  • Connect it to the Continuity Cloud 
  • Instantly boot the virtual protected system image for testing or live disaster recovery. 

Data no longer needs to be converted to VHDX or VMDK first!

Note:  x360Recover Instant Cloud recovery is subject to Continuity Cloud pricing. (See your Axcient Partner Success Manager for details.) 


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