Integrate a PSA platform with x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at August 17th, 2022

Why integrate x360Recover with a PSA platform?

The x360Recover Manager (RMC) now leverages the two most popular Professional Services Automation (PSA) platforms - ConnectWise and AutoTask - to provide seamless automation, easy access and clear visibility of all backups.

As a x360Recover and Direct-To-Cloud (D2C) partner, you can now use the x360Recover Manager (RMC) to configure integration with supported PSA tools -  and start monitoring in minutes.

This article gives a general overview of x360Recover integration with a PSA platform.

     Already have a PSA platform in place?

Prepare the PSA platform (ConnectWise or Autotask) for integration 

Before enabling integration with the x360Recover RMC, you must first  ensure the PSA platform (ConnectWise or Autotask) has been properly configured for integration with third-party products.

Please verify that the PSA environment (ConnectWise or Autotask)  includes an active customer account.

Methods to configure x360Recover RMC for PSA integration

You can configure PSA settings in the x360Recover RMC in two ways:

1.  Customize individual client PSA integrations

2.  Implement organization-wide PSA integration (optional) Note: Even after you have implemented PSA settings at the organization level, you can always customize PSA settings for individual clients.

In the x360Recover RMC, you can also choose to 

Customize client-level PSA integration

a.) From the x360Recover Dashboard, click the Clients tab.

Select the desired client and click the Details button for that client.

When the client overview opens, click the Settings button.

b.) Go to the PSA Tool section of the Settings page, where you can:

  1. Enable/ disable PSA ticketing for the client
  2. Modify any of the PSA settings as required
  3. Reset to organization defaults by clicking on RESET TO ORGANIZATION-WIDE DEFAULT

Note: Organization-level PSA configuration is optional and you can always customize PSA for individual clients, even after you have configured organization-wide PSA.  


Organization-level PSA integration: (optional)

If you configure organization-level PSA default settings on the x360Recover RMC organization settings page, these defaults will be automatically applied to all clients in the organization unless client-level PSA settings are already in effect. (You always have an option to customize the PSA settings for individual clients as required from the client settings page.) 

1. Click Reseller Settings on the x360Recover RMC Dashboard and then click Edit in the right hand navigation:

2. Go to the PSA Tool section and select the desired PSA platform from the dropdown menu:

3.  Fill in the required information in all fields for that PSA instance and click Save when completed.

A confirmation message will appear when the configuration has been successfully saved. 

Test a new PSA connection

If you would like to text the PSA connection in the x360Recover RMC:

1. Under the PSA Tool section, click the TEST IT link.

2. A testing icon will spin while the connection is being tested.

3. A Connection Succeeded confirmation message will appear when the the test is successful.  

Determine if this client has existing PSA integrations in the x360Recover RMC

To determine if the client has existing PSA settings configured in the x360Recover RMC:

1. Locate the desired client on the organization's x360Recover RMC dashboard.

2. Click that client name to open their account information page.

3. Click the Settings tab on the account information page to see if there are any existing PSA settings.

  • If no PSA has been previously configured for this client, the PSA section will display the No PSA is configured message.
  • If this client has any existing PSA configurations, they will appear here in settings, along with any details.

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