Download and install the D2C agent - x360Recover

Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at April 29th, 2022

After you log into the vault, you can begin to download and install the Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) agent software on protected systems. 

Role of the agent

The agent is software installed on a protected system. 

The agent performs the backup and sends the backup data to the vault. 

  • The agent software must be installed on each system that needs to be protected.
  • The Direct-to-Cloud agent cannot currently be installed over an existing agent. 
  • If an agent has been previously installed, it must be uninstalled. You must also delete the existing agent folder. 
  • Failure to remove the previous agent files will prevent the Direct-to-Cloud agent from registering with the vault.
  • Backups of protected systems are image-based.
  • Supported platforms include most Windows workstation and server editions.
  • You can install and uninstall agent software without the need to reboot the target device, reducing the impact to the customer environment.
  •  Install only one protected system for each Direct-to-Cloud client. Do not use the D2C installer to create multiple end points.


As an administrator, you will install the agent onto each protected device that you support.

We recommend (a) leaving third party backup solutions installed while the initial full backup is being completed, and (b) adjusting the scheduling so that the existing backups run during business hours with the x360 agent running outside of business hours until completed, to avoid any gap in backup coverage.

Install the Direct-to-Cloud Agent

You can download the agent from the Users tab of the vault.

Note: The installation file is only valid for 14 days from the time of download. Installing from an expired agent installer file will fail and register invalid token errors within the log file.

STEP 1.  Open a web browser, navigate to the vault web interface, and log in.

Note: Each Axcient Cloud vault as a unique URL that is provide during onboarding. If you do not have this URL, please contact Axcient Support.

STEP 2. In the vault web interface, click the Clients tab.

Note: If your customers are not displaying in the Users tab, we recommend syncing the vault with the Licensing Portal. Do this by going to the Systems Settings left hand menu tab and navigating to the License Details section, as shown below:

STEP 3. Locate the appropriate client and click the accompanying Download link.

CAUTION: Do not rename this file. This installation file download from this page contains a  temporary token and identifying information embedded in the filename.

The installation file is only valid for 14 days from the time of download. Installing from an expired agent installer file will fail and register invalid token errors within the log file

STEP 4. Click the installation file to initiate the installation process.

When the Setup Wizard opens, click Next to continue.


STEP 5. After reading the agreement, select I accept the agreement. 

Click the Next button to continue.

STEP 6. Accept the default installation folder. 

Click the Next button to continue.

STEP 7. When prompted, enter the Volumes to back up.

Click the Next button to continue.

NOTE: You do not need to enter an IP address. You can optionally enter a lock password. If you enter a lock password, the vault will prompt you for this password before you begin a system recovery. We recommend setting a unique password to enhance security.

STEP 8. When you are ready, click the Install button to begin installation.

STEP 9. When installation completes, click Finish to exit.

STEP 10. After several minutes, the vault web interface will display the newly protected system in the Protected Systems tab. 

A full backup will automatically initiate based on your schedule settings.

Silent and RMM deployment of the agent

You can chose to automate the agent installation process from the command line. 

The Direct-to-Cloud agent can be silently deployed through RMM or other tools as follows:

msiexec /i <agent file> /quiet

Optional parameters include:

  • BACKUP_VOLUMES=<Drv>,<drv>...
  • PASSWORD=<encryption passphrase>

For example:

msiexec /i <agent file> /quiet


To install or uninstall the agent from the command line:

1. From the target machine, open a Command Prompt window.

2. To install the agent, run the following command:

MSIEXEC /I agentInstaller.msi /q SERVER=<Appliance IP Address> [BACKUP_VOLUMES=<Drv>,<Drv>] [PASSWORD=<encryption password>]

3. Replace each of the following variables with information relevant to your environment:

  • SERVER—list the IP address of the Appliance.
  • BACKUP_VOLUMES—list each volume to be backed up, separated by a comma.
  • PASSWORD—enter an encryption password for the protected device:

4. To uninstall the agent, run the following command:

MSIEXEC /x agentInstaller.msi 

Note: If you are performing an automated network deployment, you must specify the fully qualified UNC network path to the agent file.

   For example:


   and NOT 



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