Axcient Help Center

Job Details Page

The Job Details page gives you a detailed breakdown of the specified job. The system will display three different types of jobs:

  • Local backup jobs are listed for a local Appliance,

  • Axcient Cloud backup jobs are listed for an Axcient Cloud Vault, and

  • Private Cloud backup jobs are listed for a Private Cloud Vault.

For example, the Job Details page will display the following information for a local backup job:

  1. Job Details—This panel provides information about the job, including job type, the device protected, Service, and the hostname.

  2. Threshold Alert—This panel displays device alerts.

  3. Job Health Status History—This panel displays the health history of the replication job over the last 30 days.

  4. Job at a Glance—This panel displays the local and Cloud Protection Policy, as well as excluded files, folders, or directories.

  5. Job Settings—This panel displays custom configuration settings for the job.