Axcient Help Center

Devices Page

The Devices page can be accessed by clicking the Browse Devices link where available. This page lists all devices protected under the Client, and also helps you recover or protect new devices.

The Device List displays summary information about each device, including:

  • Health status

  • Device name

  • Service protected under

  • Last successful local replication

  • Last successful cloud replication

The Device List also allows you to view devices based on health status. You can then quickly isolate and address devices with issues that need to be resolved.

  • Troubled—devices that are outside of the Protection Policy Threshold for the freshest recovery point. These devices are marked with a red health status symbol.

  • Warned—devices that are outside of the Protection Policy Threshold for loss of connectivity, or the most recent cloud replication occurred with errors. These devices are marked with an orange health status symbol.

  • Healthy—devices that are within the Protection Policy Threshold and have had no cloud replication issues. These devices are marked with a green health status symbol.

  • Parked—devices that have been previously protected and are still registered, but no replication jobs are currently running. These devices are essentially on standby.

  • All Protected—devices protected by the Service regardless of health status.

  • Unprotected Devices—devices registered to the appliance but not currently protected.

Click a device to view the Device Details page.