Axcient Help Center

Vault Details Page

The Vault Details page displays a view of the health status of the Vault and also provides information to help you monitor the Vault and devices.

The Vault Details page will vary slightly depending on whether you are working with a Private Cloud Vault or an Axcient Cloud Vault.

  1. Vault Details—This panel displays summary information for the Vault, including the Vault type, IP Address, and tunnel.

  2. Vault Status—This panel displays the Vault connection status.

  3. Vault Storage Summary—This panel displays a summary of Vault storage usage.

  4. Device List—This panel displays a list of devices being protected by the Vault. Click a device to view the Device Details page.

  5. Configure Service—This button launches the Configure Service page, where you can configure alerts and thresholds.

  6. Entitlements at a Glance—This panel displays entitlements allotted to the Vault, including storage, devices being protected, alerting, and software version.