Axcient Help Center


The Training page provides instant access to all Axcient Product Certifications and training resources. In the Training page, you can:

  • Browse Product Certifications and training resources.

  • Complete Product Certifications.

  • Track progress.

To view all available Product Certifications and start a new Product Certification path:

  1. In the x360 Portal, click the Training tab. You will see all Product Certifications in which you are currently enrolled listed under the My Courses subtab.

  2. Click the Available subtab. You will see additional Product Certifications in which you are not currently enrolled.

  3. Click the Product Certification card to begin Product Certification for a specific product. You will see a list of all courses that make up your selected Product Certification. You will also see the status of each course, as well as the overall status of Product Certification.

  4. Click to launch a course. When you have completed all required courses for the Product Certification path, you are considered certified.

To view your achievements:

  • In the Training page, click the Achievements subtab. You can view all completed courses and the date you completed the course.