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Manually Selecting Google Workspace End User Accounts for x360Cloud Backups

After you configure service information for a client account, you can specify the end user accounts that will be backed up. If you decide not to automatically back up Google Workspace end user accounts, you can manually select accounts in the Accounts page.

x360Cloud might take up to 24 hours to back up selected end user accounts. The initial back up might take up to 72 hours to complete. Future backups are automatically scheduled to run multiple times per day.

To manually select Google Workspace end user accounts for x360Cloud backups:

  1. Click the organization's Accounts tab. The Accounts page displays.

  2. In the Search field, click to open the SmartSearch filter tool. You can filter users based on Name or Email Address.

  3. Click the Search button to complete the filtering process.

  4. Click the Users tab to view only user accounts.

  5. Use the License Status field to toggle on or off licenses for each user account. User Accounts with licenses will be backed up; user accounts without licenses will not be backed up.