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Updating Direct-to-Cloud Agent Settings

In certain circumstances, you might need to update x360Recover Agent settings after the installation process. For example, you can update the following details in the aristos.cfg file:

  • A list of Backup Volumes.

  • The IP address of the Vault.

To update x360Recover Agent settings:

  1. From the Services app on the target machine, stop and disable the x360Recover Agent Service.

  2. Navigate to the x360Recover Agent installation folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\).

  3. Open the aristos.cfg file with administrative privileges.

  4. Update settings in the aristos.cfg file. For example:

    1. Edit the Backup_Volumes line to update the list of volumes that you want to back up.

    2. When you are finished, save the file and restart the x360Recover Agent Service.