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Restoring or Migrating End User Accounts

In addition to restoring, migrating, or deleting individual objects, you can also restore or migrate an entire end user account. This process is useful if an entire end user account has been lost, or if an end user account needs to be completely migrated to a different account.

To restore or migrate end user accounts:

  1. In the Reseller Portal Accounts page, click the client ID of the client account you want to manage. The client account Dashboard page displays, giving you access to client account details and reports.

  2. In the left-hand navigation menu, click the Accounts tab. The Accounts page displays, giving you access to advanced end user management tools.

  3. In the Search bar, search for the end user you want to manage. Then, in the left-hand results window, click the name of the end user you want to manage. End user details will display in the right-hand browser window.

  4. Optionally, in the right-hand browser window, click the Restore button to restore end user backup data to the same user or a different end user account. In the Restore User pop-up window, select your restore options:

    1. In the Backup Date and Time drop-down menu, select the snapshot you want to restore.

    2. In the Which Services do you Want to Restore section, click the checkboxes to select which items should be restored.

    3. In the Restore to User drop-down menu, select the end user account where this data will be restored. You can select the same end user or a different end user account.

    4. In the Name of the Restore Folder field, type the name of the folder where the restored data will reside.

    5. Click the Restore button to complete the process. Restores typically go to the selected user’s email box (in this case, a Cloudfinder Restore folder will be created).