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Configure PSA Settings in x360Cloud

After API Member and service default settings are configured in ConnectWise, you need to configure PSA settings in x360Cloud.

To configure PSA settings in x360Cloud:

  1. In the Reseller Portal, click the Settings tab and then click the PSA tab.

  2. In the PSA tab, click the Configure a new PSA System radio button.

  3. In the PSA drop-down menu, select ConnectWise.

  4. In the ConnectWise Credentials section, configure settings for your ConnectWise account:

    1. In the Site URL field, enter your ConnectWise URL.

    2. In the Company ID field, enter the ID of your company.

    3. In the Public Key field, enter the public key generated for your API Member.

    4. In the Private Key field, enter the private key for your API Member.

    5. Click the Test & Save Connection button when you are finished.