Axcient Help Center

Configure the Virtual Office

While inside the Virtual Office, you can configure the cloud failover environment as needed. To configure these options:

  1. On the Virtual Office page, click the Configure Office button.

  2. On the Configure: Virtual Office page, configure the various network options.

    1. On the Configure: Virtual Office page, click the Edit button in the Network section.

    2. On the Network screen, enter a value for one or more of the following fields:

      1. In the Gateway field, enter a gateway IP address.

      2. In the Netmask field, enter the netmask value.

      3. Optionally, click the +Add Another link to add an additional subnet. Please note that you can add up to ten subnets. Subnets must not overlap with other subnets on the Virtual Office. To delete a subnet, hover your mouse over the appropriate row and click the red Delete icon.

      4. Optionally, in the VNC IP field, enter the IP address for the VNC clients, which can be any available (unused) IP address in the Virtual Office. VNC clients typically use the Virtual Office Gateway address, so a separate IP address is not necessary. However, when testing a Cloud Failover while the original gateway is still active, an alternative IP address should be specified.

      5. Optionally, enable the Outbound Access option to allow outbound access to the Internet. Enabling Internet connectivity allows both outbound and inbound messages between external devices and the server VMs in the Virtual Office. Disabling outbound access means that only devices within the Virtual Office can communicate with each other.