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FAQs: x360Recover Remote Management Console

What is the x360Recover Remote Management Console?

The x360Recover Remote Management Console (RMC) is a web-based platform, which can be accessed through your preferred Internet browser. Within the RMC, you can create multiple admin accounts so that different administrators have privileges according to their specific organizational roles.

Why should I use the x360Recover RMC?

Our vision behind building this unified, single-pane-of-glass platform is to simplify and consolidate Axcient BDR deployment, configuration, management, and monitoring.

With the RMC, you can:

  • Easily monitor backups through a streamlined, intuitive UI/UX.

  • Customize backup health monitoring.

  • Receive daily health digest emails summarizing the 24 hours of backup health.

How can I access the RMC?

You have single-sign-on (SSO) access to the RMC through the x360 Portal Dashboard.

Can I continue using the Replibit Global Management Portal (GMP)?

Yes; the GMP and RMC will continue to co-exist until all Replibit and Direct-to-Cloud management functionality is fully available within the RMC.

Can I perform client management and license provisioning from the RMC?

No; this functionality is not yet available in the RMC. Please continue using the Replibit Licensing Portal for client management and license provisioning.

Can I create multiple admin user accounts in the RMC?

When you create users in the Axcient x360 portal, they will each be granted automatic access to the RMC. You can then adjust user privileges within the RMC.