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Logging In to the Replibit Licensing Portal

You can access the Replibit Licensing Portal from your preferred web browser.


If you have not yet attended your initial training session and received your Licensing Portal credentials, please contact your Axcient sales representative to schedule your session, which will enable you to obtain your credentials.

To log in to the Replibit Licensing Portal:

  1. Open any web browser and navigate to

  2. In the License Management window, enter login credentials:

    1. In the Username field, enter the Partner Account username.

    2. In the Password field, enter the password that was assigned to you when you completed your initial Replibit Onboarding training session. Your Partner username and password are case sensitive.

  3. Click the Login button.

  4. If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Password link. Your password will be sent to the email address specified when your Partner account was created.

Changing Your Password

After you update your profile information, we highly recommend that you change your password.


If you skip this step and decide to change your password after configuring and deploying Replibit, you will be required to update all deployed Vault devices with the new password.

  1. From the Replibit License Management left pane menu, click to expand My Account and then select Change Password.

  2. In the Change Password window, update your password settings:

    1. In the Old Password field, enter your original password.

    2. In the New Password field, enter a new password. This password should be complex and highly secure.

    3. In the Confirm Password field, enter this new password again.

  3. Click the Update button when you are finished.

Managing Account Settings

You can always review and update your account information directly within the Replibit Licensing Portal.

  1. From the Replibit License Management left pane menu, click to expand My Account.

  2. Use this section to:

    1. Review the history of previously purchased Axcient Replibit BDR Appliances and check on their delivery status.

    2. Edit your Partner account password.



If you change your Partner account password within the Licensing Portal, you will be required to update the Partner password on every Vault from the Settings/Licensing page.