Axcient Help Center

Granular File Restore (Cloud)

In the event the local appliance is not available, you can restore files and folders from the Axcient Cloud.

The selected files and folders will be downloaded locally to the device performing the recovery task. You will then be able to distribute the data as needed.

  1. On the Axcient Web Application, click the Sites tab.

  2. In the Sites page, click the Details button for the desired Site.

  3. In the Site Details page, click the Recover button.

  4. In the Recover Something screen, select the Recover Data button.

  5. In the Recover a File screen, select the Cloud (Offsite Browse) option.

  6. Select the Service protecting the target device. If performing this step from the Service Details page, or Device Details page, skip to the next step.

  7. Select the device from which you would like to recover and click the Next button.

  8. Select the desired recovery point and click the Recover button.

  9. Select the files and folders to be restored.

    Please note that selecting a file within a folder will only recover the selected file, not the containing folder. Reference the lower left-hand corner to view a tally of how many files and folders are being recovered.

    Click the Next button when the target data has been selected.

  10. Review the file recovery details and copy the URL. Paste this URL into a preferred browser to download the recovered data.