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Pre-Release: The Thin Client


The Thin Client is currently being shared as pre-release software and not available for a general audience. This version might contain errors, bugs, or other unexpected behavior not usually associated with a production release and therefore should not be used on critical systems.

In addition to using the classic desktop client, you can also manage local files and folders using the Thin Client.

The Thin Client helps you conserve local storage resources by only storing files and folders in the cloud (online only). Files and folders will still display in your local Synced Folder to help you visually monitor and manage your content.

If you need to edit cloud content without an Internet connection, you can simply mark content as Pinned. Your file will quickly download and become available for offline use. If you no longer need offline access to your content, we recommend that you mark the file or folder as Unpinned for improved storage management.


Currently, you can only install the Thin Client on Windows machines. Future releases will support Mac machines.