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Navigating x360Cloud

After you configure x360Cloud for initial use, you can begin to navigate the Reseller Portal.

The x360Cloud navigation menu changes based on whether you are viewing the Reseller Portal or if you are viewing a specific client account.

This section of the guide will review x360Cloud navigation elements for both the Reseller Portal and a client account.

Navigating Your x360Cloud Reseller Account

The x360Cloud Reseller Portal allows you to:

  • View overview information for each service instance,

  • Create and update client accounts,

  • View reports, and

  • Manage settings for client accounts.

To navigate your x360Cloud Reseller Portal:

  1. In the x360 Portal, find the x360Cloud product card and click the Go To x360Cloud link.

  2. Click the Dashboard tab to view the Dashboard page. The Reseller Portal Dashboard page allows you to quickly view a count of all services you manage, as well as an overview of system statistics.

    Optionally, click the Download Report link to download this data in CSV format.

  3. Click the Accounts tab to view the Accounts page. The Reseller Portal Accounts page allows you to add client accounts for each client that you support. You can also click the client ID of each client account to view and update administrator accounts and services.

  4. Click the Reports tab to view the Reports page. The Reseller Portal Reports page allows you to view information about activities that occur in the system.

    For example, use the Audit Log to view activities, including:

    1. Search,

    2. Restore,

    3. User sign in or out,

    4. Deletion of objects and their versions, and

    5. User updated organization settings.

  5. Click the Settings tab to view the Settings page. The Reseller Portal Settings page allows you to manage warnings and notifications.