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Managing x360Cloud

As an x360Cloud administrator, you are responsible for managing the health of client account backups and restoring data if needed. This section of the guide will review common management tasks, including:

  • Monitoring the Dashboard,

  • Searching for data,

  • Restoring or migrating data, and

  • Monitoring user data.

Monitoring the Dashboard

When you first log in to a client account, you will be presented with the Dashboard page. You can use this page to view connected services, activity reports, and backup statistics.

To monitor the Dashboard:

  1. In the Reseller Portal Accounts page, click the client ID of the client account you want to manage. The client account Dashboard page displays, giving you access to client account details and reports.

  2. In the Dashboard page, use the Backup Status panel to view the current backup status. For example, you might see a notification indicating that the backup is in progress, successful, or if it requires your attention. You will also see a total number of protected users and protected sites. Use the graphical display chart to see a breakdown of space quota.

    1. Click the By size radio button to view a breakdown of each backup object type by space quota.

    2. Click the By number radio button to view a breakdown of each backup object by number of items.

  3. In the Recent Activity Reports panel, view summary information for the most recent Backup, Restore, and Export reports.

    1. Click the Backup tab to view the backup status (including in progress, success, warning, or failure), the amount of data backed up, the number of users and sites backed up, and the number of objects backed up.

    2. Click the Restore tab to view the start and end date of each restore process, the status of the restore process, number of objects restored, and the total time spent on the restore process.

    3. Click the Export tab to download objects exported from the Search tab. Objects will be exported as zip files.