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Coming Soon: The Global Management Portal for Direct-to-Cloud Customers


Coming Soon: Direct-to-Cloud support within the Global Management Portal is scheduled to be part of a future release. You can also access the RMC to manage Direct-to-Cloud Customers.

The x360Recover Global Management Portal (GMP) is a multitenant, centralized portal that delivers secure, remote access to your Vaults and Protected Systems. With its single pane of glass architecture, the GMP streamlines administrative tasks, significantly reducing the total time required to manage your devices and reports.

Role of the Global Management Portal

The GMP is the central management point, providing a single-pane-of-glass view of each of your Vaults, as well as the Protected Systems they protect. With the GMP, you can perform the following:

  • Remotely access all connected Vaults.

  • View dashboard and reporting details.

  • Review health checks.

  • Review trouble checks.

  • View historical storage utilization.

Accessing the Global Management Portal

When you replicate to the Axcient Cloud, you will be given a GMP virtual machine in the cloud free of charge. You will receive login credentials when you onboard as a new Partner.

  1. Navigate to the URL provided to you. If you are a Private Cloud partner, navigate to the URL configured when you installed the GMP.

  2. When prompted, type your Username and your Password and then click the Login button. If Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has been enabled for your environment, you will also be prompted to enter an MFA Token.

  3. In the GMP Web interface, you can now browse and manage settings.