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Integrating with ConnectWise

ConnectWise is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform for companies that sell, service, and support technology. If you use ConnectWise as your PSA platform, you can seamlessly integrate this platform with each Appliance and Vault that you manage to enable easy reporting, ticketing, and billing. You can centrally manage ConnectWise authentication and ticketing properties from the GMP. 

When you integrate Replibit with ConnectWise, Replibit alerts trigger tickets within ConnectWise. Ticket status is then synchronized in both directions with the corresponding alert. You can also configure billing integration to track data usage in the Cloud.

Configuring ConnectWise for Third-Party Integration 

Before enabling ConnectWise Integration within Replibit, you must first ensure ConnectWise has been properly configured for Integration with third-party products.

Additionally, you need to ensure your ConnectWise environment meets the following prerequisites: 

  • Must include an active Customer account,

  • Optionally, if you wish to enable billing support, the Customer account:

    • Must have an Agreement, and

    • Must have an Agreement Addition.

Configuring ConnectWise Settings in Replibit

After all prerequisites are configured in ConnectWise, you can create a default policy within the Global Management Portal. After these settings are configured, you can inherit these settings within each individual Managed System (Appliance and Vault).

Note: You can also utilize Replibit’s Central Alerting feature in conjunction with ConnectWise. For more information, please reference the Managing Reports and Central Alerting section of this guide.

To integrate with ConnectWise:

  1. In the GMP, click the PolicySettings tab. The Policy Settings page displays, allowing you to create a default ConnectWise policy, which can be inherited by Managed Systems (Appliances and Vaults).

  2. Click to expand the ConnectWise Credentials section and enter your ConnectWise credentials, including the Site URL for your ConnectWise server, Company name, API Key and API Secret.

  3. Click the Test Connection button to validate your settings.

  4. Click the Save Configurationand Credentials button to save your credentials.

  5. Click to expand the Ticketing Settings section and configure which Replibit Alert types should generate ConnectWise ticket by the Replibit product:

  6. Click the Enable checkbox adjacent to each alert class you would like to turn on.

  7. In the Service Boards drop down menu, select the appropriate service board configured in ConnectWise.

  8. In the New Ticket Name Mapping drop-down menu, select the status of new tickets generated in the system.

  9. In the Closed Ticket Name Mapping drop-down menu, select the status of closed tickets generated in the system.

  10. When you are finished, click the Save Configuration and Credentials button.

  11. When you are ready to inherit ticket settings and configure billing settings, log in to each Appliance and Vault that you manage and inherit settings:

  12. In the Web interface of each Managed Device, click the ConnectWise Settings tab.

  13. Click the Inherit Configuration from GMP checkbox. ConnectWise credentials and ticketing settings will be filled in using the values you defined on the GMP.

  14. Click to expand Ticketing Settings.

  15. In the Service Ticket Company drop-down menu, select a Company that is associated with this Appliance or Vault. This will ensure the correct Company in ConnectWise is mapped to this specific Customer Appliance.


    Service Ticket Company assignment is unique to each Managed device and cannot be remotely configured or managed from the Management Portal. Likewise, Billing settings (Company, Agreement, and Addition) are unique to each device and cannot be managed globally.

  16. Click the Save Configuration and Credentials button to save your changes.