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Granular File Restore (Local)

The local Granular File Restore recovery tool allows you to restore files, folders, and even entire directories from the local Axcient appliance. This process can be performed by clicking the Recover button where available on the Web Application. In this example, it will be performed from the Site Details page.

  1. On the Axcient Web Application Dashboard, click the Sites tab.

  2. On the Sites page, click the Details button for the desired Site.

  3. On the Site Details page, click the Recover button.

  4. On the Recover Something screen, click the Recover Data button.

  5. On the Recover a File screen, click the Local (Express Share) button.

  6. Select the Service protecting the target device. If you are performing this step from the Service Details page or Device Details page, skip to the next step.

  7. Select the device from which you would like to restore and click the Next button.

  8. Select the desired recovery point and click the Recover button.

  9. The UNC mount point is now generated. Copy and paste the generated path into the File Explorer to access the restored files. Set the UNC mount expiration timer to give yourself enough time to complete the recovery actions.