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x360Recover - Direct-to-Cloud

x360Recover is a patented, Chain-Free™, end-to-end Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) platform, empowering MSPs to deliver profitable, globally-managed business continuity services. As an x360Recover partner, you will protect servers and critical workstations, recover data in minutes, take advantage of multiple recovery techniques, and safeguard all your backed up data with one comprehensive solution.

x360Recover Components

x360Recover includes the following core components:

  • Licensing Portal The Licensing Portal is the central management point for Customer and Location management, and licensing and hardware orders.

  • Agent The Agent software is installed on a Protected System and performs image-based backups.

  • Appliance The X360Recover Appliance, which is deployed at a Customer Location, holds the backup data received from the Agents.


    With x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud, you do not need to deploy a local Appliance.

  • Vault The X360Recover Vault receives incoming Protected System data being replicated from a Customer site. Vaults are designed to be multitenant. Vaults are typically deployed off-site.


    The Beta release of x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud only supports Axcient Storage Cloud Vaults.

  • Global Management Portal The Global Management Portal (GMP) allows for centralized management of your devices and provides a single-pane-of-glass view of each Protected System.

Direct-to-Cloud Backups

Axcient’s x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud (D2C) provides MSPs with the same full-featured, image-based backups of traditional x360Recover, but without the expense of deploying or managing a local appliance. This user guide outlines installation steps to help you get started with the x360Recover Direct-to-Cloud Agent.