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Recovering with Axcient BRC

You can leverage Axcient’s Business Continuity tools in the event of data loss or disaster. Axcient recommends you leverage the local appliance whenever possible to ensure the quickest recovery time possible. In the event the local appliance is not available, you can utilize the following tools:

  • Granular File Restore (Local and Cloud)

  • Bare Metal Restore (BMR)

  • Failover Virtual Machine (Local and Cloud)

  • Export to VMDK

Recovery of Encrypted Files

The Axcient protection solution supports protection and recovery of encrypted Windows files using the BitLocker encryption feature. You will be able to successfully recover all data using this encryption feature.

Axcient does not support file encryption using another encryption tool, feature or agent. You will not be able to recover data encrypted with anything other than BitLocker.

Foreign Characters Support

In AxOS version 6.4.9 and later, the Axcient protection solution supports protection and recovery of foreign characters that are UTF-8 encoded.

Unsupported Files

If during a Windows image replication job an "unsupported file" is encountered, it will be automatically excluded from the replication and a warning will be printed to the event log. Despite the warning, the replication job will still complete with a status of SUCCESS.

This means that unsupported files will not be recoverable using the Axcient Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity features. You must make sure that all critical data is in a supported file format to be recoverable.

An unsupported file is one of the following:

  • A file that has been encrypted using Encrypting File System (EFS)

  • A file that has a name that is not supported by Windows, such as ending with a blank or a period

In some instances, you might have a Windows device running a Unix application that happens to rely on posix device files (/dev). While replication jobs will complete successfully, failovers and Bare Metal Restores (BMR) will not.

Before performing any recovery actions, please make sure that the /dev file has been excluded from the replication job by following the steps in the File Exclusion section of the this guide.


Axcient does not support deduplication for Windows 2012.

Fusion supports protection and recovery of encrypted files. You will be able to successfully recover encrypted data with the Fusion platform. Fusion is not currently compatible with external encryption solutions.