Firmware update 2022.3 for Axcient Rack2 BDR servers


Written By Tami Sutcliffe (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 10th, 2023


Supermicro has released a security-related firmware update affecting Axcient-branded Rack2 series BDR servers. 

To remedy the affected security concerns, updates to both (a) the system board BIOS and (b) the IPMI management controller firmware should be applied to all Rack2 systems purchased before Jan 31, 2023.

Instructions and links needed to perform these updates follow:

BIOS firmware update

For details concerning the BIOS update, refer to the BIOS Release Notes

To apply the BIOS  firmware update, download the zipped BIOS patch package


  1. Unzip the patch file.
  2. Copy the contents to an empty USB stick formatted to FAT or FAT32.  
  3. Refer to the Readme for X11 AMI BIOS-UEFI.txt for instructions on applying the patch to the system. 
  4. Boot the system in UEFI mode and enter UEFI setup mode.  
  5. Enter the UEFI shell with the USB stick attached to the system
  6. Run the included flash.nsh script to apply the update.

IPMI firmware update

For details concerning the IPMI update, refer to the IMPI Release Notes

To apply the IPMI firmware update, download the zipped IMPI patch package


  1. Unzip the patch file
  2. Refer to the included IPMI Firmware Update.pdf for instructions on uploading the firmware package via the IPMI web interface on the affected system.